Native to Central and South America, there is evidence in Peru of pepper cultivation dating back thousands of years. Columbus brought pepper seeds back to Europe with him and they quickly became popular. We have sweet, hot, sweet-hot, and VERY hot varieties.

Ancho Poblano Pepper
Ancho Poblano are 3-4 inch medium hot peppers with sweet chile flavor – used for chile rellenos when green- excellent! Most/full sun. 2 feet. 20+ seeds
Tabasco Pepper
abasco peppers have a famous smoky hot flavor – peppers ripen from green to orange to red and are 1-2 inches long. 2-3 feet. Most/full sun. 20+ seeds/pack.
Carolina Reaper Pepper
The result of a cross by a pepper grower working to earn the World’s Hottest Pepper record, Carolina Reaper has earned a Scoville rating surpassing 1,500,000 units. (Habanero prppers rate a Scoville rating of around 500,000 units on average). Plants are large and productive – peppers ripen to rich red and 2-3 inches long. VERY hot! 20 seeds/pack.
Ghost Chili Pepper - Bhut Jokia
An Asian pepper that is extremely hot, the Ghost Chili has earned a Scoville rating surpassing 1,000,000 units. (Habanero peppers rate a Scoville rating of around 500,000 units on average). Ghost Chili plants are highly productive and the peppers reach 3-4 inches in length and ripen from green to vivid red. Plants love heat and sun. 20 seeds/pack
Fish Pepper
Fish Peppers are a renowned African-American heirloom used historically in seafood dishes in the Chesapeake Bay region. Peppers may be used at any stage as they ripen from white to deep red. White peppers are as hot as jalapenos and are very useful in spicy cream sauces. Red peppers are very hot! Plants are gorgeous with variegated leaves. 20 seeds/pack.
Red Habanero Pepper
This is a habanero variety - VERY HOT - with beautiful peppers that ripen to red. Very productive - lots of peppers produced even in northern gardens. Peppers are 3-4 inches long and 1-2 inches across. Very very hot! 20+ seeds
Jalapeno Pepper
Jalapeno is a productive type for northern gardens, with lots of HOT peppers for classic jalapeno flavor. Peppers are 3-4 inches long and 1 inch wide - excellent flavor in salsa! 20+ seeds
Sweet Banana Pepper
Sweet Banana Peppers reach 7 inches in length and are used at all stages for their sweet and mildly hot flavor. Great on pizza! 20+ seeds
Anaheim Chile Pepper
Anaheim Chile peppers are used when green and a classic Southwest favorite for rellenos - sweet hit classic chile flavor. Peppers are 1-2 inches wide and 6-8 inches long and strong walled. A favorite in our house for stuffing and roasting! 20+ seeds
Yellow Pimento Pepper
Yellow Pimento ripen from green to yellow to red and have an excellent flavor – perfect for roasting and stuffing or use fresh. Most/full sun. 2 feet. 20+ seeds
Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper
Hungarian Hot Wax is known for its historic use in roasting, frying, pickling, and stuffing. Hot but not overly so - peppers ripen to red and are about 5 inches long. Highly productive and pretty with its “sunset colors” Productive plants. 20+ seeds
Serrano Pepper
Serrano is a very hot variety –between the habanero and jalapeno – and often used in fresh salsa. 2 inch peppers ripen to bright red. Most/full sun. 2-3 feet. 20+ seeds
Italian Sweet Pepper
Italian Sweet peppers are a full flavored sweet type – will reach 7-10 inches and ripen from green to rich red. Classic for stuffing and excellent roasted or fried. Most/full sun. 2-3 feet. 20+ seeds
Jefferson's Bull Nose Bell Pepper
This is a small sweet bell pepper grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. The Bull Nose Bell is beautiful, smaller, and has more flavor than modern varieties -excellent for stuffing or when eaten fresh. Peppers are snub nosed and 2 by 3 inches and heavily produced on strong plants. Ripen from green to red. 20+ seeds
California Wonder Sweet Bell Pepper
This is an heirloom classic large bell pepper grown in the US since the 1920s. Full flavor! Peppers are 3-5 inches tall and ripen from green through red. Plants are strong and productive. Most - full sun. 24 inches. 20+ seeds.
Long Cayenne Pepper
Long Cayenne is an excellent long pepper from Italy - the peppers can be stored as ristras and dried for use as hot pepper flakes. Peppers are medium hot and up to 12 inches long - they ripen from vivid green to a bright red. 20+ seeds/pack
Super Red Pimento Pepper
Super Red Pimento are up to 5 inches across and ripen from green to rich red. Perfect used for roasting, stuffing, or fresh. Most/full sun. 2 feet. 20+ seeds
Sweet Red Cherry Pepper
This variety produces lots of two inch red cherry peppers on strong plants. Excellent for stuffing and summer salads! 20 seeds/pack.
Mini Chocolate Bell Pepper
Mini Chocolate Bell is an Ohio heirloom - the sweet peppers are just 2 inches long when mature and a beautiful chocolate color. Plants are small as well - they reach just 16 inches tall and are very productive. Excellent color for salads! Most-full sun. Annual. 16-24 inches. 20+ seeds.
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Alma Paprika Pepper
Alma Paprika are small (1-3 inches) sweet and mildly hot peppers that ripen from white to orange to red. Can be used fresh or dried to make paprika seasoning for use throughout the year. Most - full sun. 18-24 inches. 20+ seeds.
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Sheepnose Pimento Pepper
The Sheepnose Pimento Pepper is an Ohio heirloom. Peppers are 3-4 inches across with thick walls and classic sweet pimento flavor. Good for use in pickling (typically to stuff olives) or can be enjoyed fresh in summer dishes. Most/full sun. 2 feet. 20+ seeds
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