Useful as ornamentals and in grain production, Amaranths thrive in hot and dry conditions. Seeds should be planted in warm conditions.
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Love lies Bleeding
(Amaranthus caudatus) The foot long burgundy chenille ropes produced by Love Lies Bleeding are impressive both in the garden bed and cascading from the base of a bouquet. Grown as an ornamental in U.S. gardens since 1665, Love Lies Bleeding was a favorite in Victorian gardens and also of Thomas Jefferson. Will re-seed from an initial planting and return for years. Most/full sun - 3-4 feet - Re-seeding annual - 50+ seeds.
Joseph's Coat Amaranth
(Amaranthus tricolor) Thomas Jefferson sent seeds for this beauty back to Monticello from Paris in 1786. Prized for its highly ornamental foliage and instant tropical effect, Joseph’s Coat was a centerpiece of Victorian gardens. It is especially beautiful planted in groups and will provide a continuous display of color from mid summer until first frost. Most/full sun - 3-4 feet - Re-seeding annual - 25+ seeds/pack
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Red Garnet Grain Amaranth
(Amaranthus caudatus) Red Garnet produces impressively vivid red and large seed heads atop strong green foliage. All parts of this beautiful plant (including leaves) are edible. Seed heads will attract and feed many types of seed eating birds. Most/full sun - 5-7 feet - Re-seeding annual - 50+ seeds/pack.
Pygmy Torch Amaranth
Amaranthus hypochondriacus) We grow these for their strong presence in any garden bed – the large upright fountain like seed heads are gorgeous throughout the second half of summer. Heads also dry perfectly and will feed many types of birds including finches. Most/full sun - 1-3 feet - Re-seeding annual - 50+ seeds/pack.