Gourd Seeds

Gourd Seeds
Due to their use as tools and containers by early peoples, gourds were one of the first crops grown by humans. Easy and fun to grow.

Speckled Swan Gourd
Lagenaria siceraria Speckled Swan Gourds are green speckled with white when fresh and then dry to a hard shell 12-16 inch gourd that features a graceful curved neck that ends with a shape very much like the head of a swan. Nice for fall decorating and crafts. Climbing gourd - will need support. Most/full sun. 10 seeds/pack.
Dipper Gourd
(Lagenaria sacraria) Dipper Gourds reach 12-18 inches long and 4-6 inches wide at the base and make unique elements in crafts as well as useful tools once cured. Dipper handle shapes may be manipulated as the gourds grow. Cut off half of the base to form a true dipper. Full sun. 10 seeds
Apple Gourd
(Lagenaria sacraria) Apple Gourds are green speckled with white when mature on the vine and then dry to brown - perfect for painting and using in crafts. The gourds are 6-10 inches tall and 4-6 inches wide when mature and perfectly apple shaped. Fun to grow! Full sun. 10 seeds
Birdhouse Gourd
(Lagenaria sacraria) Birdhouse Gourds were first used as birdhouses in the U.S. by Native Americans to house beneficial insect eating Purple Martins. The craft was passed on to early settlers. Pretty straight necked gourds are produced when grown on a strong trellis. Full sun. 10 seeds.
Tennessee Spinning Gourd
(Cucurbito pepo) These Spinning or Dancing Gourds were used as a toy in 1800s Tennessee - carried by children in their pockets and spun like a top in contests at school. The gourds are small, just 2-3 inches tall, and tan when dry - beautiful as ornamentals and fun to play with! Mounding or climbing habit - will scramble over ground or can be trained to climb. Full sun. Annual. 10 seeds.
Loofah Gourd
(Luffa cylindrica) Native to India, Luffa, Sponge or Dishcloth Gourds have been grown for food (they are edible when small), fiber, and scrubbing sponge production by cultures around the world. Plants grow fast and produce o\lots of gourds allow tt\hose to be harvested for use as sponges to stay on the vine until just before first frost. Remove skins to reveal sponges. Will need climb to 7 feet. Most/full sun. 10 seeds
Bushel Gourd
Lagenaria siceraria Bushel Gourds can reach huge sizes in ideal conditions but most will reach 18 inches in diameter in typical summer seasons of the northern zones. Gourds have a strong rounded shape, perfect to use for large crafts and fall decorations. . Most/full sun. 10 seeds/pack.
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