We have been asked for Moonflowers by gardeners referring to all three of these varieties. Make sure to choose the one that you remember! All are prized for their preference for opening at dusk and releasing their fragrance only throughout the night. Seeds should be planted in warm conditions.

Common Evening Primrose/Yellow Moonflower
(Oenthera biennis) Beautiful native wildflower that puts on quite a show in mid to late summer evenings. Flowers unfurl in just a few minutes and have a light scent to attract their pollinators - moths - and then close with the morning light.. Used medicinally by Native Americans and early settlers and said to impart strength when used on the skin of those going into battle. 3-5 feet. Most/ full sun. Biennial (and reseeds). 100+ seeds/pack
White Angel's Trumpet/White Moonflower Bush
(Datura metel) The Daturas include many types that are native to tropical and desert regions worldwide. The bushy plants are renowned for their large (up to 5 inches across) pure white blooms that release an intoxicating sweet fragrance in the evening and throughout the night. May be grown in a container as a patio plant or planted directly in the garden. Most/ full sun. Annual. 15+ seeds/pack
Giant Moonflower Vine
(Ipomoea alba) Moonflower Vine seeds have been available to US gardeners since 1806. By day, this unforgettable vine displays beautiful dark green heart shaped leaves. As night falls, giant pure white blooms (6 inches across) open to release a sweet fragrance. Traditionally grown near the front porch so that the fragrant blooms can be enjoyed through the night. Most/full sun - Climbs to 12 feet - Grow as an annual (tender perennial) - 10 seeds.