Sunflowers are native to the US prairie and many varieties have been selected for from the original types. Wonderful for fresh arrangements and loved both by pollinators and seed-eating birds. Sunflowers should be sown in warm conditions - can be planted directly outside from late May through early July.
All seeds are $2.82/pack.

Giant Greystripe Sunflower
(Helianthus annus) Giant Greystripe produces the classic large single head on tall, strong plants. Produces lots of edible seeds characterized by light grey striping. Full sun, 10+ feet, 20+ seeds/pack
Dwarf Teddy Bear Sunflower
(Helianthus annus) A fun sunflower that blooms at kid height and has fully doubled puff-ball soft ‘teddy bear’ blooms that kids love. The blooms are 4-6 inches across. For a longer period of blooms, successively sow seeds over a period of a few weeks. Most/full sun - Annual - 2-3 feet - 25+ seeds/pack.
Dwarf Sunflower
(Helianthus annus)Each 16 inch dwarf plant will produce one classic yellow 6 inch sunflower bloom - very sweet in the garden or a container. These are also loved by birds, which will feed on seeds that develop from flowers left on the plant. 16 inches. Full sun. 20 seeds/pack
Velvet Queen Sunflower
(Helianthus annus Velvet Queen is a multi-branching sunflower which produces lots of flowers for cutting. The flowers are 6-8 inches across with dark centers highlighted by a ring of bright yellow and surrounded by petals in rich velvety red. Great in fresh arrangements. Most/full sun - Annual - 6-7 feet - 20+ seeds/pack.
Maximillian's Sunflower
(Helianthus maximillianii) This is a wild perennial sunflower native to the US. Lots of 3-4 inch bright yellow blooms are produced from late summer until frost. These are true perennials and so will return year after year. With its glorious height of up to 8 feet, Maximillian is useful in the back of the garden bed for late summer color. Perfect for naturalized plantings as well. Most/full sun. Perennial. 6-8 feet. 50+ seeds/pack.
Lemon Queen Sunflower
(Helianthus annus) Sunny yellow classic sunflowers are produced heavily on tall multi - branching plants. The flowers are 5-7 inches across and beautiful in late summer bouquets. These are also loved by birds, which will feed on seeds that develop from flowers left on the plant. The sunny yellow petals are a handsome contrast to the deep brown centers. Most/full sun - Annual - 7-8 feet - 20+ seeds.
Fancy Mix Sunflower
(Helianthus annus)This medium height multi branching sunflower mix produces gorgeous 5-6 inch sunflowers in a beautiful variety of colors and patterns - from white to yellow to deep red with lots of combinations. Save seeds from your favorite blooms! 4-5 feet. Full sun. 20+ seeds/pack
Mexican Sunflower - Tithonia
(Tithonia speciosa) With its 3-4 inch bright red-orange blooms on strong stems, the Mexican Sunflower is adored by butterflies. The flowers are bright against dark green handsome foliage. A tall and very bushy plant, these are excellent in the naturalized garden or at the back of the garden bed. Blooms are long-lasting in the vase and birds love the seed heads. Most/full sun - Annual - 4-5 feet - 50+ seeds/pack.
Chocolate Cherry Sunflower
Helianthus annus Chocolate Cherry is the darkest maroon-black sunflower that we have seen. The flowers are about 6 inches across and are darkest around the black centers. The plants are multi-branching and produce lots of blooms for cutting. Flowers left on the plant turn into natural bird feeders : the flowers go to seed heads and the strong stems serve well as perches. Most/full sun. 5-6 feet. 20+ seeds/pack.
Giant Teddy Bear Sunflower
(Helianthus annus) A very fun sunflower that produces fully double very fuzzy teddy bear blooms up to 8 inches across on multi-branching 6-7 foot tall plants. The flowers are unique in fresh arrangements and, if left on the plant, the mature seed heads will feed the birds. Excellent at the back of the garden bed, as part of a child’s garden, or as a curious specimen plant. Most/full sun - Annual - 6-7 feet - 20+ seeds/pack.
Mammoth Russian Sunflower
(Helianthus annus) This heirloom giant sunflower produces huge solitary giant flowers on top of strong stalks. The seeds are edible (by both birds and humans). Most/full sun - Annual - 6-7 feet - 20+ seeds/pack.
Italian White Sunflower
(Helianthus cucumerifolius) Italian White is a different species of sunflower than the typical annus’ type. The plants are highly branching and lots of 4 inch flowers are produced. The flowers have attractive deep brown centers surrounded by a sunny lemon yellow ring and then antique white petals. The stems are strong and so these are excellent for fresh arrangements. Most/full sun - Annual - 6-7 feet - 25+ seeds/pack.